Sunday, February 2, 2020

One Shoe, Two Shoes (Caryl Hart)

Title:  One Shoe, Two Shoes 

Author: Caryl Hart 

Illustrator: Edward Underwood 

Target Ages:  1-7 

Genre:  Concept, Early Reader 

Publisher Summary:  Shoes, shoes, and more shoes…This book is bursting with shoes of all different colors, sizes, and shapes.  There’s a pair here to suit everyone—even a family of mice. 

First Lines:
One shoe
Two shoes
Red shoes
Blue shoes
Old shoes
New shoes 

Author Caryl Hart has written a fresh, new text in the vein of the Dr. Seuss classic One Fish, Two Fish.. 

Edward Underwood’s vibrant illustrations add another engaging dimension to the text with his dog and mouse shenanigans. 

One Shoe, Two Shoes is a exciting frolic with a band of mischievous mice and a lively dog.  It is ideal for parents and educators looking for exciting early readers. 
Hart and Underwood also collaborated on another excellent early reader:  Big Box Little Box.  This fun cat and mouse tale is sure to delight children.
Activities and Extension Ideas for Lesson Plans:
  • Math:  Practice counting and numeral words.
  • Onomatopoeia:  Identify sound words.  Kids can add some of their own sound words to go with the action of the text.
  • Colors:  Primary colors are highlighted and often referred to in the text. 
  • Rhyming Words:  True and slant rhymes abound for practice saying and identify.
  • Reading:  Simple, often repetitive text make for an ideal early reader.  
  • Verbs:  Identify action words in the text. Then, create a list of other action words based on the illustrations. 


  1. Oh my gosh! How cute is this book?! I love that the text feels like a Dr. Seuss book. I'll be adding this to my reading list. Thanks for sharing it today for PPBF!

  2. Oh, what a clever story. Sounds like an entertaining read!

  3. Love that dog and its one opened eye, and the tangled shoelaces. It looks like great fun. I fondly remember how much I read One Fish Two Fish. Bet this will enthralls today's kids in a similar way.

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