Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bear Snores On (and other titles) by Karma Wilson

I have a new favorite author:  Karma Wilson!  I picked up a book called Bear Feels Sick (ages 4-9) at the library, and I instantly fell in love with the characters. A group of small woodland animals (which includes a hare, a gopher, a mole, and a couple birds) loving nurse an enormous but kind-hearted bear back to health.  Each character is compassionate and considerate.  Bear finally gets well, but now, his friends are all ill.  He is seen taking care of them.  There is a charming and warm relationship between the animals. 
Well, naturally, when I went back to the library, I searched for other books by the same author.  There is a whole series of Bear books!   Alex reminded me that we read one of them, Bear Feels Scared, already.  This book has a similar plot formula:  Bear gets lost and feels scared.  His small furry friends search for him, find him, and of course, comfort him.   As I discussed this book with Alex, I asked him why the author chose a bear to be scared.  He hit the nail on the head!  It is to show that everyone is scared sometimes, even big, strong bears! 
Next, we read two more stories:  Bear’s New Friend and Bear Snores On.  Both continue the motifs of friendship, kindness, sharing, compassion, and individual differences.    Other outstanding features of these books include beautiful illustrations by Jane Chapman as well as rhythmic and expressive language.  The repetitive lines (such as “Bear’s Not Scared”) invite student participation during reading.  They will not need much prompting to get involved with these stories because they are endearing and fun! 
Karma Wilson has a wonderful site that includes Features for Teachers, Parent’s Place, and Kid’s Corner.   In these areas of the site, you will find activities, coloring sheets, snack ideas, and crafts to go along with the books.   
I am excited about reading her other books too!  I have already checked some of them out of the library.  I will post information on some of my favorites.  Definitely, check this author out!  Her books are worth the cost for a classroom or home library!  Click on the title links anywhere in the blog or bibliography to go to Amazon to learn more and/or to purchase these titles. 
In my web search, here are some great links to go along with the books.  If you have any additional sites you think would be helpful, please email me.  

General Activities

Bear Feels Scared Activities

Bear Snores On Activities

Bear Feels Sick Activities

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