Saturday, March 9, 2019

Princess Truly (Kelly Greenawalt)

I am excited to share the Princess Truly book duo!  Author Kelly Greenawalt and illustrator Amariah Rauscher created this character and these books because they want their daughters to see themselves as “strong, smart, problem-solving, confident” people. 

Princess Truly, a celebration of the modern girl, imagines herself as a treasure-hunter, engineer, sailor, and astronaut—all while wearing a purple tutu and pigtails.  Full of spunk and imagination, she pretends to a be a superhero, a rock star, and a dinosaur trainer. 

The snappy, rhyming text exudes confidence and strength.  She declares…

I am strong.
I am skillful,
I am a born leader.

I can do anything
I set my mind to do.

Do you know that you
can do all these things, too?

You are Truly Fabulous!

In this second terrific picture book, Truly celebrates her “fluffy, puffy, curls.”  As she believes in herself, “they shimmer and they shine.”  Truly imagines playing with dinosaurs as well as exploring ancient pyramids, the deep sea, and outer space. 

Like the debut title, each scene and experience empowers Truly to see herself competent and confident. 

The Princess Truly books are ideal for young girls ages 2-7. African-American girls will be encouraged to take pride in their hair and their identity. All young girls will be drawn to her imaginative and energetic personality.  

For Truly coloring sheets, click HERE.

For more books celebrating African American hair, click HERE.

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