Friday, July 6, 2012

Poetry Friday: Dinothesaurus (by Douglas Florian)

Dinosaurs are a popular topic, especially among children.  I came across a fun and informative book by Douglas Florian called Dinothesaurus: A Book of Prehistoric Poems and Paintings. The illustrations are a wonderful mixture of painting, drawing, and collaging that appear as if a child created them, adding to their charm.  The poems focus primarily on the various types of dinosaurs.  They function both as descriptions of their appearances and habits as well as an amusing play on words.  Dinothesaurus is sure to delight children of all ages.  I recommend it for home or school.  These poems are perfect for a dinosaur unit study or playful readings/recitations. 

try-SAIR-a-tops (three-horned face)
Born with three great horns in place,
Triceratops was in your face.

steg-oh-SAW-rus (roof lizard)
Dined on plants inside the forest.
Bony plates grew on it back,
Perhaps to guard it from attack.
Or to help identify
A Stegosaurus girl or guy.
Its brain was smaller than a plum.
Stegosaurus was quite DUMB.

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  1. Douglas Florian's poems are so playful! Love them!!

  2. What fun poetry about a favorite topic of many kids! I thin kthe poems might help me learn how to pronounce some of them!


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