Friday, February 24, 2012

Poetry Friday: I Am the Book (compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins)

Today is Poetry Friday.  “This Book” is one of my favorite poems from I Am the Book, poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins.   

This Book  (by Avis Harley)

This book is the best—
I woke up to read it
Befoe getting dressed.

This book is so cool—
It’s the first thing I grabbed
When I rushed in from school.

This book is a winner—
I forgot I was hungry.
I almost missed dinner.

This book is just right—
I’m reading by flashlight deep into the night
Deliciously thirsty to see how it ends.

Books are such mind-thrilling
Spine-tingling friends.

The Collection:
Mr. Hopkins has compiled 13 poems, each from a different author, as a celebration of reading.  The poems capture the thrill of reading a good book and the imaginative journey it take us on.  Many of the poems have a structure that is ideal for mimicking.   For instance, the selected poem above can be a springboard for students to write their own “This book is” stanza.   Tom Robert Shields’ poem “I Am the Book” parallels the seasons with the experience of a book.  Children could write a similar comparison or another parallel like to a holiday or an ocean.  Overall, I found I Am the Book a fun collection. 

Check it Out is hosting Poetry Friday this week.  Click on her blog to have the full poetic experience! 


  1. Thank you for commenting on my collection, I AM THE BOOK. It was a joy to compile this volume.

    Lee Bennett Hopkins

  2. My pleasure! I checked out your site. You have several anthologies and other books I will check my library for--especially Uh oh, Where are my pants? That one looks like it is lots of fun!


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