Thursday, January 25, 2018

Five Fabulous Picture Book Finds for Kids under 5

Here are Five Fabulous Picture Book Finds geared for children under five.  

Peter Stein, author
Bob Staake, illustrator

Sample Text
Strong truck, weak truck,
hide-and-seek truck.
Rock truck, dirt truck,
Yum — Dessert truck!

Target Ages:  3-7

Publisher Summary:  On the farm or on the go, you’ll want to ride along with this wacky convoy of trucks of all shapes and sizes.  Dessert trucks, monster trucks, outer-space trucks—climb on board!

Why It is Fabulous: The text and illustrations range from the realistic (dump trucks, fire truck) to the imaginative (outer-space truck, circus-tent truck).  Bold colors, energetic illustrations, fun rhyming text, and, most importantly, lots of trucks! Your little truck lover will not want to put this one down! 

Leeza Hernandez, author and illustrator

Sample Text
Shake cat.
Quake cat.
There must be some mistake cat.

Target Ages:  2-6

Publisher Summary: Cats are naturally curious, but sometimes too much curiosity can get them in trouble!  That’s what happens when one kitty wakes up from a nap to find she might be lost…

Why It Is Fabulous:  Children will enjoy the simple rhyming text and amusing cat-sized adventure.  The story is ideal for choral readings and early reader practice.

Emma Garcia, author and illustrator

Sample Text
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
…here comes the train!
Clickety clack on the track
Going to…
…the seaside.

Target Ages: 0-6

Publisher Summary:  Where is the little red train going?  Hop aboard and find out. 

Why It Is Fabulous: Listeners can “read” along with the repeating onomatpeia (“Chugga chugga choo choo” and “clickety clack” ) and predict the next place the train will drive through.  The book proves an opportunity to discuss the five senses, animal sounds, and numbers (1-4).   Also, great for early reader practice.   

Kristy Dempsey, author
Lori Richmond, illustrator

Sample Text
A hop is Up.
A bend is DOWN.
A spin is AROUND

Target Ages:  0-5

Publisher Summary:  When a young boy and his energetic puppy go for a walk in their neighborhood, anything can—and does—happen!

Why It Is Fabulous:  This playful story invites listeners to move and play around.  The text has rhythm, rhyme, and energy.   Your wiggly worm will want to hear this lively book again and again.

Lilli L’Arronge, author and illustator

Sample Text
Me guide.  You scout.
Me Smart.  You Smarter.
You:  Ouch!  Me:  Ouch!
You boo-boo.  Me bandage.

Target Ages: 0-5

Publisher Summary:  Parents and kids can seem pretty different—just like the adorable parent and child in the story.  But despite their differences, there is one thing they share: their love for each other.

Why It Is Fabulous:  The sweet illustrations and text celebrate the parent-child bond while depicting what makes each one special.   The straightforward text has a smooth rhythm and flow.  You and your little one will want to cuddle up for this one. 

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  1. These books are precious! I'm going to be watching for them at the library next time I take my grand boy!

  2. I don't get trucks and trains, but we have a five-year-old in the family who does. Big time. I'll look for a couple of these for him.


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