Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Full Moon Is Rising (Marilyn Singer)

Author:  Marilyn Singer

Illustrator Julia Cairns

Target Ages:  7 and up

Genre:  Poetry

Publisher Summary:
In the night sky, nothing is more magical than the full moon that rises every month.  When it shines, all kinds of fascinating things occur.  Tides rise to enormous heights.  Children dare each other to climb a staircase to the moon.  Families eat cakes with a moon inside.  Campers watch out for werewolves.  And sometimes, the whole moon disappears in Earth’s shadow. 

Come along on a whirlwind tour of the world to discover an amazing collection of full moon celebrations, beliefs, customs, and facts.  We’ll visit India, Israel, Morocco, China, Australia, and many more places to see what can happen…when a full moon is rising. 

Sample Poems:

“Cloudy Night”
Bogota, Colombia
Too many clouds. Rain coming.
It’s impossible to see the moon.
But she knows it’s up there,
    With that special dimple.
She’s seen its picture—
    Garavito crater,
named for her favorite astronomer,
   and from her country too.
She thinks, One day they’ll name a crater after me.
She hopes, Or better yet, a new lunar sea.

“Broadway Moon Again”
New York City, USA
On the sidewalk, the audience of one
 is now ten.
“What you looking at, girl?” they ask.
“Oh, the moon,” she says. “Just the moon.”
But what a moon!
Between the skyscrapers, it takes a bow.
“Encore in one month!” it proclaims.
“Admission is always free.”


A Full Moon Is Rising takes readers on a lyrical tour of the world.  Different customs and cultures—past and present—related to the full moon are revealed.  Readers get a snap shot of places, such as New York City, Morocco, Australia, Israel, Columbia, and Hong Kong. Julia Cairns’ lovely watercolor illustrations are a celebration of the brilliant full moon and the many diverse people groups. 

The “About the Poems “section is informative and interesting.  In it, teachers and parents will find a short explanation of the scientific, historical, and cultural background for each poem. 

From the peaceful view under a tent in the desert to the dancing jubilee in an African village to the hustle and bustle of the city, people everywhere look with wonder at the full moon illuminating the darkness to all equally.

Ideas for Extension Activities at Home or Lesson Plans for Teachers:
Moon Phases Foldable
Mini Book:  Moon Phases
Moon Phase Balloons
Moon Phase Paper Plates
Moon Phase Oreo Cookies
Foil Printed Moon Craft
Making Moon Craters Activity
28 Moon Books for Kids
Moon Dust Writing Tray
Space Writing Prompts
More Moon Activities

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  1. ... with that special dimple! Thanks for sharing this book - it's one I have enjoyed as well. The moon is for poets, isn't it? Thank you!

  2. Oh,I do love moon books and have this one. I've done lots of moon thing with students, hope many got to see that super moon this last month. Thanks, Laura.

  3. Great book review and I love that you shared extensions for learning. The oreo cookies is one of my favorite ways to share moon phases.

  4. Thank you for sharing this book. It looks delightful. So many ways the moon can bring us together and invite us to learn from each other.

  5. Sadly, the phases of the moon are out of our curriculum. We always used Nilla Wafers to bite the phases, but Oreos would be SO much better! The new and full moons, the light (yummy center stuff) emerging and growing...FUN!

  6. "Admission is always free." I love that!

  7. What a lovely, lovely post. Thank you for the rec of this book. I love it. And, I have just the set of multi-cultural students that will appreciate it. I'm already thinking of an array of moon celebrations.

  8. Are there ever enough poems about the moon? Never! And I think I may have to try that moon phase oreo cookie activity... for research purposes, of course.

  9. Thanks for your wonderful review of this fabulous book.

  10. Love this book. Enjoyed revisiting it through this post. Thank you!

  11. Like Ruth, I love "admission is always free." How reassuring that there is always an encore.

  12. Oh, I need to get this book. I will put it on my TBR pile.

  13. I'll have to add this to my list. Great post.


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