Monday, June 27, 2016

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? 06/27/16

I am working on a list of favorite books on animal habitats and one on undesirable behaviors common in early childhood.  Not sure what to call that last list.  It is on areas like temper tantrums and feeling grumpy.  Any creative ideas on a title for the list?

I need to start some new chapter books this week. Here are a few I am considering…
Somewhere Among
A Tangle of Knots
The Great Hunt
Fish in a Tree
Love That Dog

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A Few of My Favorite Picture Books From My Weekly Library Run…

Dear Yeti by James Kwan
Two young hikers search for Yeti.  When they cannot find him, they begin to leave him letters.  Even though Yeti is shy, he communicates back—in his own way.  The hikers run into mean grizzly bear.  However, Yeti reveals himself  in time to help out his new friends.  Dear Yeti is a sweet book about friendship and adventure.    

I Don’t Like Snakes by Nicola Davies and Luciano Lozana
A young girl lives in a household of snake lovers. She is not too keen on them though because they are slithery and scaly.  Besides, who wouldn’t be creeped out by their flicking tongues and unblinking eyes?  Her family asks questions about her fears and teaches her several fascinating facts about snakes, such as types of slithers, why they flick their tongues, and how they catch their prey. Will the facts change her mind about these creeping creatures?

My Pen by Christopher Myers
The author takes the idea of the power of the pen to new levels. He illustrates just some of the ways a pen through art or words can make a differences. This book is sure to help young people feel empowered to action. It ends with this quote, “There are millions of pens in the world and each one has a million worlds inside it.  So if you have a pen, see what you can do—Let those worlds inside your pen out.” 

Ollie’s Class Trip by Stephanie Calmenson & Abby Carter
This humorous call-and-response text teaches social skills and positive classroom behavior.  It is ideal for teachers preparing young children for a class field trip.

Among a Thousand Fireflies by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder
Frost’s beautiful free verse poem gives readers insight into the life of fireflies (lightening bugs). The stunning photographs by Lieder perfectly compliment the poem.  You will never look at fireflies the same way again. 

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  1. I Don’t Like Snakes is a beautiful book - I love the blend of realistic and cartoony illustrations. I don't mind snakes personally - but I don't think I could handle a similar book on spiders! :)

    1. I am right there with you, Jane. LOL I have nightmares about spiders! I think snakes are fascinating though.

  2. How about just NO! for your title. Or NO! Dealing with Negative Emotions.

  3. I love your picture books, have read I Don't Like Snakes, a wonderful approach to something so many are scared of. One book I liked that is specific about one animal & the different habitats is Ape by Martin Jenkins. Also, Irene Latham's poetic Dear Wandering Wildebeest shows a watering hole with all its inhabitants. Happy reading!

    1. Both those books sound great. I hope my library has them! I will definitely add them to my list. Thanks.

  4. I haven't read I Don't Like snakes, but I love Nicola Davies and while I have a healthy respect for snakes (I grew up in rattlesnake country) I don't dislike them. Anything Christopher Myers does is always worth reading!

  5. For books about grumpy behavior, you might want to consider Grumpy Pants by Claire Messer, Horrible Bear! by Ame Dyckman, and Bernice Gets Carried Away by Hannah E. Harrison. I know there's a million more, but I loved those! My Pen is a terrific book to inspire creativity. I've had Dear Yeti, I (Don't) Like Snakes, and Among a Thousand Fireflies on my To Read List for quite a while, but still haven't gotten to them yet. I've added Ollie's Class Trip to my list, it looks hilarious! Have an awesome reading week!

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. I have the first two, but not the Harrison one. I will se if it is available in my library.

  6. I love Helen Frost's novels in verse. I didn't know she did a poetry/picture book, too. I love fireflies (or lightning bugs as we called them), so I'm sure I'd love this book, too.


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