Monday, June 20, 2016

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Far Out Fairy Tale Graphic Novel Series

Understanding visual cues is often an overlooked literacy skill. In our contemporary world, students must be able to construct meaning from visual as well as written texts as a result of the rapid advances in technology. Graphic novels help emerging and developing readers with visual literacy. Like many picture books, the illustrations are vital to fully comprehending the story. Children can be instructed on perspective, framing, style, color scheme, and other visual clues to gain a greater understanding of the text’s meaning.   

Far Out Fairy Tales is a series for young readers. It is an excellent introduction to graphic novels. Each book includes a visual question section to challenge readers to look more closely at the relationship between the text and the illustrations.

This series is also for the fractured fairy tale lover. Many readers will enjoy seeing their favorite tales reimagined using modern elements like super heroes, robots, ninjas, and video games. An overview of the original story is presented at the end as well as some comparisons between the traditional and new tale.

Currently, there are 4 books in the series.

Otis Frampton
While taking a tour of Area 54 with her grandmother, the President of the United States, little Ruby Topper discovers a mysterious little alien carrying a red hood. When Ruby dons the crimson cape and cowl, it grants her AMAZING SUPERPOWERS! But will her newfound abilities be enough to save the White House -- and her grandmother -- from the rampaging Big Bad Wolf-Bot?

Joey Comeau/Omar Lozano
Cinderella's stepmother and two stepsisters treat her like dirt. Each and every day, they force her to clean their clothes, cook their meals, and only give her rags to wear and crumbs to eat. But each night, in secret and in shadows, Cinderella trains to be a ninja! More than anything, Cinderella yearns to become the Prince's personal bodyguard. When the opportunity to prove her worth to the Prince finally arrives in the form of an invitation to a royal costume ball, Cinderella's stepmother won't let her go! But this time around, Ninja-rella isn't going to take ""no"" for an answer . . .

Louise Simonson/Jimena Sanchez
Far, far away, on a distant planet called Techworld, a little girl named Snow White is born. Created by the planets smartest minds to be the perfect scientist, Snow immediately shows a knack for working with electronics. The Queen, fearing for her crown, exiles Snow White so she cannot grow up and take the Queens place as the most intelligent person on the planet. However, Snow White's willingness to help those in need -- especially the downtrodden robots of Techworld -- earns her many friends, and they are all quite eager to help her cause.

Sean Tulien/Fernando Cano
Once upon a time, three billy goats named Gruff were traveling to the hillside to snack on some green grass -- when they suddenly find themselves trapped inside a video game! The good news: the three billy goat brothers become SUPER billy goats! One becomes a Warrior, one becomes a Ninja, and one becomes a Wizard. The bad news: the green field of grass is gone -- and in its place is Hillside Castle, a dangerous dungeon filled with creepy-crawlies and fantastical foes! Can the goats make their way through the castle to get their grass -- or will the toothsome troll named Final Boss feast on them for his lunch?

*The individual book summaries are from Amazon.

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