Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Fiction: The True Gift by Patricia MacLachlan (Chapter Book)

Story Summary:
Lily and Liam love spending the days leading up to Christmas at their grandparent’s farm.  One of their favorite past times is reading, especially for Liam who brings dozens of books with him and plans to visit the country library in town.   Liam quickly becomes distracted from his normal visit of reading and leisure.  He is bothered when he notices that their grandparent’s white cow no longer has a companion animal.  When he reads that cows are social creatures who long for companionship, it becomes his mission to buy another cow for her. 
Liam develops a plan.  He creates poster advertisements, requesting a friend for white cow.  Then, he puts them up around the town.  Liam has a child-like faith that someone will answer his request.  Before he even arrives home, he gets a call from a neighbor boy who has a calf to sell.  Liam and Lily pool their hard-earned Christmas savings, but they still do not have enough to buy the calf.  Liam makes a big sacrifice which becomes a blessing for white cow, the neighbor, and his family.    
On Christmas Eve, the family stumbles across a huge surprise from the neighbors that is sure to delight readers! 
Patricia MacLachlan’s The True Gift is a touching holiday read for the whole family.   It is a story of self-sacrifice, generosity, community, and family.  

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