Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Fiction: Merry Christmas, Splat by Rob Scotton (Picture Book)

Story Summary
Splat writes a letter to Santa requesting a “really big present.”  His sister informs him only good cats get “really big presents” though.  At first Splat is confident he has been good, but then, he begins to have an “awful thought that made his tail quiver and twitch.”  He thinks that maybe he has not been good enough.  Just in case, he decides to help his mother get everything ready for Christmas.   By the look on her face, it is clear she is apprehensive about his “help.”  The reader quickly sees why! 

Splat does his best to be a help.  Unfortunately, each time it turns out to be a disaster.  For instance, he decides to decorate the tree, but he puts most the ornaments on one side, causing the tree to lean over too far.  Then, he determines he is going to clear the path of snow.  Once again, it causes a bigger mess for his mom.  He ironically states, “Being so good is very tiring.”  It is true…for his mom who cleans up his messes. 

Waiting up for Santa and a Christmas morning surprise prompts more humor and entertainment.  Fortunately, every thing leads up to Splat having the best Christmas ever! 

My kids loved Merry Christmas. Splat!   I caught my son rereading it independently.  Splat is a lovable character that young children will identify with.  The pictures are vibrant and amusing.   The story will be enjoyed over and over! 

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