Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Fiction: It's Christmas, David by David Shannon (Picture Book)

Story Summary:
Temptations abound for David, a beloved preschool character, during the Christmas season.  David is full of mischief!  He climbs into the closet trying to get a peek at his gifts and attempts to snitch some freshly made holiday cookies.   His humorous outside adventures are sure to delight young readers. 

It is a challenge for David to follow all the adult expectations, but he genuinely tries.  On Christmas Eve, he dreams of receiving a letter under a bare tree that says, “Sorry, you were naughty. Love, Santa Claus.”  Fortunately, he wakes up to find it was a bad dream.  Instead, he enjoys his new bike, books, and holiday goodies on Christmas morn. 

Many young children will relate to David’s mischievous ways.  The illustrations and limited text convey well the mind and experiences of many preschoolers.  David’s character captures the wonder and awe of all things Christmas.  Children are sure to get a hearty laugh when reading It’s Christmas David (ages 3-7).  My kids looked at the book several times and laughed out loud, even my 13 year old. 

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