Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Fiction: Auntie Claus by Elise Primavera

The Kringle family lives in a luxurious hotel in New York City.  Everyone in their family loves Christmas, even their family businesses have holiday names.   Their children Sophie and Chris have everything!   Regularly “schooled” in Christmas decorum, the holiday is central to their lives.  The most mysterious member of the family is Auntie Claus who disappears every year around the holidays for an extended business trip.  These stories (ideal for ages 5-10) reveal how Sophie and Chris eventually learn their family secret. 

Sophie is in awe of her mysterious Auntie Claus.  Whenever she asks her Auntie a question about one of those mysteries, the answers are always simple but vague.  This year when Auntie Claus goes on her annual business trip, Sophie stows away.   They travel by magical elevator to the North Pole.  When they arrive, Sophie disguises herself as an elf where she works diligently with no sign of Auntie Claus anywhere.  While on a special task, Sophie sees her brother’s name is on the B-B-and-G (Bad-Boys-and-Girls) list.  Dreading his disappointment on Christmas morning, she erases his name and writes hers in its place.   Immediately, she is transported to the stage of the Grand Ballroom with Santa and Auntie Claus.   Santa praises Auntie Claus for her indispensible assistance getting everything ready for Christmas Eve each year.   Auntie Claus and Sophie are reunited, now sharing the family secret.  Santa carries Sophie in his sleigh back to her home.  Seeing her brother’s joy at all his gifts, she realizes an important lesson her aunt had been trying to teach her:  “It is far better to give than it is to receive.”  Under the tree is a special gift for Sophie, a diamond Christmas key hanging from a red ribbon—just like her Auntie Claus’. 

When Chris Kringle, Sophie’s younger brother and heir to the vital Santa post, begins to doubt Santa Claus’ existence, Auntie Claus determines to step it.   Chris is summoned to Auntie Claus’ suite where she warns him about becoming a member of PRUNES, Parade Rainers United National Elite Society.  Sophie tells him that if he doesn’t change his attitude, he will be on the B-B-and-G list.  Of course, he doesn’t believe either one of them.  To prove they are wrong, he does everything he can to ensure he will be on the B-B-and-G list this year.  Concerned, Sophie uses her magic key to send him to the North Pole.  Initially, he is shut out of the Santa’s kingdom, but Chris gets some first-hand experience with the PRUNES.  Using some of her Christmas magic, Auntie Claus brings him to the place where Santa, the elves, and his other family members are gathered.   Chris now knows the family secret and receives his special key…and never again does he have difficulty believing. 

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