Thursday, July 19, 2018

10 Terrific Picture Books (Perfect for Summer Reading)

Alison Murray, author & illustrator
When Dino Duck is born, he is different than his siblings and doesn’t quite fit in with the other lake animals.  His mother consistently reminds him, “scales or feathers, big or small, we’re a family and there’s room for us all.”  When it is time to fly south for the winter, it is a true test of their family bonds.  This sweet inversion of the ugly duckling fairy tale is a must read! 

Gemma O’Neill, author & illustrator
Poor Geoffrey!  Whatever he tries to do, he is a clumsy mess!  Whether it is tripping over his long, gangly legs or bumping into a group of elephants, Geoffrey’s attempts to make friends falls flat…until, he meets a group of monkeys and a flock of birds.  Then, he realizes he is special just the way he is.     

Ross Burach, author & illustrator
On Giraffe’s first day in the jungle, the other animals mistake him for a chair.  If that is not bad enough, he is captured by a human who takes him home to be…a chair.  Just as Giraffe gets the courage to tell the others he is not a chair, he has an encounter with the most feared animal in the jungle!  The exuberant illustrations are full of humor and irony. 

Kate Banks, author
Simone Shin, illustrator
A young boy revels in the noises of the morning—from the clitter-clatter of playing with his toys to the chitter-chatter of his parents talking. As he plays, there is a “roar” of a lion and a yell from a dragon as well as a “rumble grumble bang!”  After a while, it is quiet time. The boy's imagination continues to take flight—even in the silence of the afternoon.  ull of noise and wonder, this book illustrates the joy of a life unplugged.

Elizabeth Bennett, author
Jane Chapman, illustrator
Big (Bear) and Small (Mouse) are best friends.  As they spend the day together, Small often needs help. Big is always there to lend a hand.  At bedtime, Big needs “a little help, please.”  Of course, Small is happy to do it.  Chapman’s charming illustrations along with Bennett’s sweet text make Big and Small a memorable and heart-warming read about friendship and kindness!

Madeline Valentine, author & illustrator
Mouse and Chipmunk are playing together when they spy a big, beautiful Nut.  They both want it.  They both insist on the other taking it. They both end up stealing it from the other.  After lots of hijinks, humor, and drama, Mouse and Chipmunk come to a valuable realization.

Todd Tarplay, author
Danny Chatzikonstantinou, illustrator
Ethan’s grandma is a ninja.  At first, he loves all the fun and attention they are having.  Then, her power kick deflates his team’s ball and their escapades prevent the family from going out to dinner.  Ethan asks his grandma to stop acting like a ninja.  When she doesn’t take him to school the next morning, Ethan begins missing her and feeling bad for the way he acted.  Grandma shows up though at a vital moment.  Ethan gains a greater appreciation for his grandma—quirks and all. 

Jonathan Bentley, author & illustrator
Where is Bear?  Under the sofa?  In the car?  On the shelf?  As the little boy looks all over the house for Bear, readers catch glimpses him.  This charming book is ideal for preschoolers who are sure to delight in telling the boy where Bear is hiding.  Also, there is a sweet, unexpected ending. 

Angela Dominguez, author & illustrator
Hugo is not your typical bird:  He prefers walking to flying. He is content living on the ground.  Lulu befriends Hugo.  She wants him to fly with her to visit the Eiffel Tower.  Hugo is afraid to admit he not only doesn’t know how to fly, but he is afraid to try.  With the help of a wise friend, Hugo overcomes his fear and learns “the sky is the limit” when he allows himself to be open to change.  

Lauren Castillo, author & illustrator
A boy visits his Nana at her new city apartment.  All the noises and activities make him feel apprehensive.  However, Nana loves the bustling and booming of the city.  The next morning, she gives the boy a fancy red cape.  Together they explore the city, allowing the boy to realize the city is not scary at all.  Instead, there is so much for Nana (and him) to do there.  He comes to the conclusion it is the perfect place for her to live. 

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