Sunday, February 11, 2018

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading (Early Reader Series)

I recently came across the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading series.   If you have emerging or early readers, these books are worth having on your shelf.  Your children will clamor to listen and to read them over and over.

Here’s what to expect in the series. 

Elephant and Piggie always introduce the book about to be read. The front end paper shows them holding and reading the book together.  On the first pages, they briefly chat back and forth with their energetic wit about the story.

Short sentences are in dialogue boxes. With limited words on each page, early readers will move through the books quickly.  As a result, they will get a sense of accomplishment.  

Common sight words (I, am, is, it) are combined with new words repeated often like shoes, grow, button, press, and cookie. Children will quickly build further reading confidence as well as expand their reading vocabulary. 

Also, lively sound words are incorporated, such as snap, rumble, squish, flop, beep, and honk.  These words make the stories more exciting and the reading experience more dramatic.

The stories include memorable characters interacting—blades of grass, shoes, birds, and a group of animal friends. The authors utilize puns and irony to create humorous situations and dialogue.

At the end of the book, Elephant and Piggie reappear to comment on the story, often using creative word play.  This sandwiching technique adds humor and enthusiasm for the book itself and reading in general.  

Bryan Collier, author and illustrator
A closet of shoes get excited when they know it is time for young girl’s outing with her father.  Each one wonders—will I get picked?  Two shoes get chosen, but the unexpected occurs!

Dan Santat, author and illustrator
Four unlikely friends—a hippo, a crocodile, and two squirrels—try to figure out a way to divide their cookies fairly. Things are complicated by hippo’s nervous habit. 

Charise Mericle Harper, author and illustrator
Yellow Bird is proud to have button that does nothing.  Blue Bird and Red Bird though find it does do something.  However, convincing Yellow Bird is harder than they expected.

We Are Growing!
Laurie Keller, author and illustrator
Eight friends are growing up fast.  As they do, they find that each one is unique in his own way…that is, except Walt. After an unfortunate event, he finds a way to stand out. 

Coming soon...The Itchy Book.

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