Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? 6/13/16

I read dozens of picture books each week. I do not have time to give a full review of them all.  As a result, I am highlighting the weekly Top Five for It’s Monday, What are you Reading?

Ella and Penguin Stick Together (Megan Maynor/Rosalinde Bonnet)
Ella and Penguin want to see their new glow-in-the-dark stickers. How can they do it when they are afraid of the dark? Together, they problem solve and overcome their fear. The illustrations and characters are too cute! 

Mostly Monsterly (Tammi Sauer/Scott Magoon)
Bernadette is MOSTLY like the others.  Her differences initially cause her to be an outsider, but she learns how to use them to her advantage and to win the others over.  Take a creative look at being a monster and being a friend with this picture book.

Penguins (Liz Pichon)
What happens when a group of penguins get a hold of a camera?  Selfies, group shots, and other mischief ensue. You will laugh. You will smile. You will say “Fish” at your next group shot. 

Chimpanzees for Tea! (Jo Empson)
Vincent is sent to buy a bunch of carrots, a box of rice, some tasty cheese, a big firm pear, and a can of peas. Distracted by the wonders around him, he mixes up the items. Instead, he returns with a box of mice, a trapeze, a furry bear, and other surprises. 

The Red Hat (David Teague/Antoinette Portis)
When Billy Hightower sees a girl across the way with a red hat, he overcomes every obstacle to meet her.  This story of determination will warm your heart. 

My Full Reviews 
Booked (Kwame Alexander) Middle Grade Fiction
Down by the Farm (Will Hindenbrand) Picture Book
The Death of a Hat (Paul B. Janeczko/Chris Raschka)  Poetry Anthology
Here Comes the … Cat series (Deborah Underwood/Claudia Reuda)  Picture Book Series
If You Were a Dog (Jamie A. Swenson/Chris Raschka)  Picture Book

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  1. Penguins!! I love penguins, and so do so many kids, so sure these will be popular titles. :)

  2. Fine selection...I think I want to find "The Red Hat."

  3. These sound like fun picture books. The Red Hat sounds sweet!

  4. These sound like fun picture books. The Red Hat sounds sweet!

  5. These sound whimsical and fun. I miss the days when my kids were into picture books. I think I may have to read these for myself, especially The Red Hat.

    1. My kids are passed the picture book stage too. It doesn't stop me from reading them though :)

  6. I also read The Red Hat this week. Some of the pictures on top of the buildings made me feel queezy since heights are not for me. I believe picture books are for everyone!

  7. I read lots of picture books each week and can't believe I have only read one of these! Would love to see the interior to Penguins.


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