Monday, May 13, 2013

Non-Fiction Monday: No Backbones series (by Natalie Lunis)

On this Non-Fiction Monday, I am excited to share another outstanding non-fiction series from Bearport Publishing.   I promise.  I am don’t work for them.  I am just a huge fan of high quality books.  This week I read Squishy Sponges and Prickly Sea Stars from the No Backbone: Marine Invertebrates series.  There are four additional titles:  Crawling Crabs, Gooey Jellyfish, Slimy Sea Slugs, and Squirting Squids

The information, written by author Natalie Lunis, is an excellent introduction to invertebrates in general and each animal specifically.  Each 2-page layout has 4-5 simple sentences in a bullet point format for easy reading.  The independent reading level is 2-3 grade range while children as young as 3-4 years of age will understand and enjoy.  Each book has fascinating facts on areas like what each animal eats to how they eat to what eats them!  Of course, each animal has a unique body type, which makes each title high interest reading. 

I love the large, vivid pictures that accompany the text well, offering an “inside” look into the lives of these underwater creatures.  For instance, Squishy Sponges reveals how crabs use sponges to camouflage themselves and Prickly Sea Stars shows how stars use their stomachs to eat mussels.  Many of the photos are so up-close and personal that minute details are seen, such as a sea stars’ eye spot and a sponge's pores. 

Check out the No Backbone series, as well as their others, at Bearport.   Visit Instantly Interruptible for other Non-Fiction Monday selections from around the web. 

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