Saturday, May 12, 2012

Early Reader: Pip's Trip (by Janet Morgan Stoeke)

Summary of Pip’s Trip (by Janet Morgan Stoeke):
On Loopy Coop Farm, there live three curious hens—Midge, Dot, and Pip.  The farm pick-up truck is a source of fascination and wonder to them.  They want to know where it goes.  Noticing the back of the truck is big enough for them all to fit inside, they each urge the other to get in first.  Midge is afraid of the loud noise.  Pip assures her that it is quiet now.  Midge is not so sure she wants to see the wide world after all, so Pip boldly gets in the truck bed.  Midge delays.  She insists on asking Rooster Sam first, so she struts off with Dot.   Pip hides under a blanket when the truck gets loud.  Pip's "outing" is surprising fun!  

Stoeke has created a delightful early reader that effectively utilizes a small group of high frequency words.  The story is broken into short sections, allowing beginning readers to tackle the book in small spurts if needed.  The vivid illustrations allow for young readers to discuss their relationship to the text, how they add to the characterization and fill in parts  of the narrative the text leaves out. The characters are amusing and endearing.  Pip's “journey” teaches her (and the others) about courage, contentment, and friendship.  This book is the sequel to The Loopy Coop Hens, which, unfortunately, I was unable to acquire.  Both are deemed by critics as just the thing for new readers.   Based on my experience with Pip’s Trip, I whole-heartedly agree.  

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