Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picture Book: You're Finally Here! (by Melanie Watt)

I became a Melanie Watt fan after reading her Chester series.  If you are not familiar with it, check it out.  She also has a popular series called Scaredy Squirrel.   Her latest book isn’t part of a series, but the main character sure is adorable enough to initiate one!   Without further adieu…You’re Finally Here!

Every wonder what is going on in a book when you are not reading it?  You will find out how one storybook character spends his time...waiting for you!  When you open the book the enthusiastic, furry protagonist quickly proclaims to you (the reader):   

You’re here!
You’re here!
You’re finally here! 

His excitement is short lived though.  He begins to question why you have kept him waiting so long!  Using some vivid imagery, he makes it clear just how long he has waited—not in one but in four different ways.  Each one is a fun play on words and clichés.  The illustrations not only reflect the descriptions but also add some commentary on them.  For instance in the picture showing him waiting long enough for dust bunnies to gather, he points and says, “That one looks just like my uncle Vinnie!”

The little bunny realizes that you two “got off on the wrong foot,” so he starts again with his overzealous welcome.  Then, quickly shifting back to his sour mood again, he affirms how UNFAIR, ANNOYING, and RUDE you have been to keep him waiting.  Lots of similes follow, such as:

As unfair as having to eat a Brussels sprout…
As annoying as having toilet paper stuck to your foot…
As rude as sticking gum under the sofa…

Well, he does not stop there.  He insists you sign a contract promising to devote your attention to him and never keep him waiting again.  A sudden phone call changes everything...

My description does not do this book justice!  It really needs to be experienced. 

What I love about You’re Finally Here!
  • The voice of the protagonist is lively and entertaining
  • The interaction between the protagonist and the reader(s)
  • The fun play on language (similes, clichés)
  • The irony of the ending
  • The rich opportunity for discussion on manners and selfishness
I highly recommend this book for ages 3-10.  Check out Melanie Watt’s other great titles too.  She is a gem in the children’s literature realm! 

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  1. I love, love, love the illustrations! Adorable. And the story is a winner, too.

  2. I'm so glad you visited my blog so that I could find yours! I LOVE your blog and this book looks so adorable I may have to pay full price for it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Ali and Lorri for stopping by! :) Comments are always appreciated! @Lorri I am glad I found your blog too. You make me want to hit the thrift shops in search of good books. You always find such good ones! :)

  4. This sounds fantastic! I'll add Melanie Watts to our to-read authors list!

  5. I'm enjoying following your blog! I can't wait to check out Melanie Watts. Thanks for sharing.
    Owl Things First


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