Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picture Book (Science): Animalogy, Animal Analogies (by Marianne Berkes)

Animalogy is not your traditional book about animals.  Instead, author Marianne Berkes compares and contrasts various creatures from insects to mammals using analogies.   Behaviors, sounds, body parts, and classifications are just some of the comparisons made between creatures that on the surface appear to have no connection.  Here is a sample:  

Robin is to wing, as goldfish is to fin.
Beaver is to build, as spider is to spin.

Youngsters have the opportunity to discover the connections within the analogies and to practice creating their own using similar patterns.  In addition, each pair (as exemplified above) of analogies ends in rhyme.  Children can identify the rhyming words and brainstorm other related ones. 

CathyMorrison, illustrator, depicts her subjects in minute detail—whether it is the fins on a goldfish or the hairs on a spider’s legs.  Every living thing is beautifully portrayed in its natural habitat.  Readers catch a glimpse of the African savannah, rocky mountain terrain, dense forests, and much more!   Each page and comparison is a starting point for lively discussion and interaction between adult readers and child listeners. 

I recommend Animalogy for ages 4-9.  It is a excellent resource for teachers and parents.  For additional resources to extend student learning, visit the Sylvan Dell website for a FREE full-color 48-page color teaching guide full of exciting and educational ideas.

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  1. Sounds neat! Makes the kids' minds stretch a bit!

  2. Thanks for the nice review. Appreciate your book recommendations a lot.


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