Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lola Loves Stories (by Anna McQuinn)

Summary of Lola Loves Stories
On Saturdays, Lola’s daddy takes her to the library.  Lola always finds and checks out some excellent books.   Each day, her parents read her one of the library books, prompting imagination and adventure!  After reading a book about a fairy princess with her daddy, “Lola wars a fancy dress and sparkly crown.”  She spends her daypretending she is a “fabulous fairy princess.”  The next day, her mommy reads to her about an amazing journey. As a result, Lola takes her friends (stuffed animals), on exciting trips to foreign lands like Paris and Lagos.  

Sometimes she acts out her imaginative explorations with friends, like taking care of babies with Ben and running through "the jungle" with Orla.  On Friday, her daddy creates an original story about magic shoes.   Lola has her own magical shoe experience--all the way to library!  Stories and books fuel Lola’s brain and send her on amazing adventures. 

I love Lola Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn!   The book reminds me of the power of books and storytelling.  Lola has a richer and fuller life because of the books she experiences from her weekly trips to the library.  

Both her parents are actively involved in reading to her and fostering her imagination. Rosalind Beardshaw’s adorable illustrations depict the text beautifully.   They show her parents interacting and reading with her as well as her imaginative exploits.  Lola Loves Stories is ideal for ages 2-7.  

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