Thursday, November 25, 2010

Medio Pollito: A Spanish Tale by Eric A. Kimmel

Story Summary: 
A hen lays an unusual egg.  When it hatches, the chick has one leg, one eye, and one wing.  The other side is perfectly flat.  He is named Medio Pollito, meaning half-chick.  Unlike the other chicks, Medio Pollito wanders off from his mother to explore his surroundings.   He longs to travel to the big city to visit the king’s palace.  The other farm animals insist he cannot make it to the city, but his mother encourages him that he can do whatever he puts his mind to.  As Medio Pollito travels, he helps water, fire, and wind.   They each promise to assist him if he ever needs it.  Medio Pollito arrives at the city successfully, but unfortunately, he is deceived by the royal cook.   Water, fire, and wind each help him escape.  To satisfy his desire to see the city, the wind carries Medio Pollito to the tallest spire on the grandest cathedral in Madrid.  The wind continues to visit him and bring him news of home while the people of the city look to him to know the direction of the wind. He still stands there today as the finest weather vane in the whole city. 
Why I Chose It: 
Medio Pollito: A Spanish Tale is a beautiful story of overcoming obstacles.  Despite Medio Pollito’s physical limitations, he does not put a limit on his aspirations.  He follows his dreams.  Along the way though, he helps others in need.   Ultimately, he becomes the most famous chick in the land. 
Final Evaluation: 
This well-written and vibrantly illustrated picture book is a must read!   Medio Pollito will inspire both those with physical (or other) limitations and those without them. 

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