Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picture Book: Sweet Briar Goes to School (Camp) by Karma Wilson

Karma Wilson’s creates another charming character!  Sweet Briar is a good-natured skunk.  When she goes to school and to camp, she grapples with many issues common to young children, such as fears of acceptance, dealing with teasing, and sticking up for others.  These books are great for children ages 4-8. 

Sweet Briar Goes to School
Sweet Briar is adored by her parents.  When she goes to school though, she is teased and isolated by her peers because she is a skunk.  Despite the way she is treated, she does not retaliate.   When a big, bad wolf sneaks into the school yard at recess, Sweet Briar uses her God-given defense mechanism to save her classmates.    The other students realize that everyone is special in his/her own way--even a skunk!  For ideas and activities to teach this book in a classroom or at home, click on this link:  Lesson Plan and Activities for Sweet Briar Goes to School

Sweet Briar Goes to Camp
Sweet Briar is nervous about going to camp.  She wonders if there will be other children who are skunks or who have a floral swimsuit like hers.  Her fears are quickly put to rest.  The other children love and accept her, but unfortunately, they are unkind to a lovable porcupine named Petal. At first, Sweet Briar tries to stick up for Petal by responding verbally to the insults others throw at the precious porcupine.  When that does not work, she makes it clear that she thinks Petal is special.  The other girls follow Sweet Briar’s lead.  They begin to realize that Petal is talented and kind in her own way. As a result, they accept her into their group. 

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