Fairy Tale Friday

Want to join Fairy Tale Friday?

Fairy Tale Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Literary Transgressions and Books4Learning.  Everyone is invited to join in the discussion or share a related blog post.
  1. Visit the host blog to add to the discussion on the spotlighted story, book, or theme.  
  2. You can participate on your blog in several different ways: 
    • Join in the weekly theme (when offered) by writing about some aspect of it or sharing a related story.
    • Share a favorite or recently read myth, legend, or fairy tale book—fractured, traditional, or modern. 
    • Deconstruct fairy tales in general or a particular one.
    • Unearth a “forgotten” myth, legend, or fairy tale and write about it.
    • Rewrite a traditional tale or share your own original myth, legend, or fairy tale.
    • Share teaching or extension ideas to go with specific books or in general related to fairy tales, myths, or legends.  
  3. Books/stories may be any genre from picture to young adult (YA).
  4. In your post, link up to the host site and add the Fairy Tale Friday icon. 
  5. Link your post to the weekly Fairy Tale Friday Round-up!  (Please use the permalink to your post, not the address to your blog.  Thanks! )
  6. Blog link ups are at the discretion of the host and may be deleted if images or content is not considered appropriate.  


  1. Thanks! Folklore is one of my favorite genres, and I'm even a fan of fractured fairy tales.

    Glenda Childress

  2. Thanks for the invite to participate! I'm in!

    Konstanz Silverbow