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Heart and Soul (Kadir Nelson) Topic List

Kadir Nelson's Heart and Soul is not only a beautifully written book but an excellent resource for teaching and extension ideas.  I have included a list in this separate post of the people and major events for easy reference.  There are many African-American people listed for students to research for projects and essays or for educators to bring in additional book about. 

Chapter 1:  Declaration of Independence
George Washington
Boston Tea Party
Thomas Jefferson
American Revolution

Chapter 2: Slavery
Slave Ships
Negro Spirituals

Chapter 3:  Abolition
Fredrick Douglass
William Lloyd Garrison
Harriet Tubman

Chapter 4:  Lincoln’s War
Abraham Lincoln
Nat Love
Slaves fighting in the Civil War
Robert E. Lee
Andrew Johnson
Emancipation Proclamation

Chapter 5: Reconstruction
Charles Sumner
The Freedmen’s Bureau
Ku Klux Klan
Jim Crow Laws

Chapter 6:  Cowboys and Indians, Native Americans and Westward Negros
Buffalo Soldiers
Homestead Act
Bill Pickett (rodeo performer)
Nat Love (cowboy)

Chapter 7:  Turn of the Century and the Great Migration
Felix Haywood
Archduke Ferdinand
World War I
Chicago Defender (Newspaper)
Jazz and Blues music
Booker T. Washington

Chapter 8:  Harlem & the Vote for Women
W.E.B DuBois
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Howard University
Tuskegee University
Negro League baseball (Chicago American Giants)
Jelly Roll Morton
Ella Fitzgerald
Duke Ellington
Josephine Baker & Cotton Club
Aaron Douglas (artist)
Archibald Motley (artist)
Langston Hughes
Zora Neale Hurston
James Weldon Johnson (author)
Alain Locke (writer)
Women’s Suffrage
Ida B. Wells

Chapter 9:  Hard Times and World War II
Jackie Robinson (Negro league)
E.G. McConnell (761th Tank Battalion)
Stock Market Crash
Great Depression
Adolf Hitler
Joe Louis
Max Schmeling (boxer)
Pearl Harbor
Franklin Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
Tuskegee Airmen
761th Tank Battalion
Battle of the Bulge

Chapter 10:  Black Innovation
Ernst Matzeliger (shoes)
Elijah McCoy (ironing board and lawn sprinkle)
Lewis Latimer (improved electric lamp)
George Washington Carver
Fredrick M. Jones (x-ray machine and refrigeration)
Dr. Charles Drew (blood preservation)
Annie Malone & Madame C.J. Walker (hair growing lotions)
Garrett Mogan (traffic signal)
Grantville Woods (train communication)
Otis Boykin (control devices)
Mahatma Gandhi
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Chapter 11:  Jim Crow’s A-Dying
Branch Rickey & Jackie Robinson (Major League)
Thurgood Marshall
School Integration
President Eisenhower
Rosa Parks
Montgomery Bus Boycott

Chapter 12:  Revolutions
Civil Rights Leaders
Angela Davis (revolutionary)
James Brown (singer)
Sam Cooke (singer)
Freedom Riders
A. Philip Randolph
Malcolm X
Adam Powell
Fannie Lou Hamer
Medgar Evers
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
Civil Rights Act
Voting Rights Act

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