Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Time for Bed, Fred! (Yasmeen Ismail)

Fred is a mischievous and playful dog.  Once bedtime hits, he bolts away—trying everything he can to avoid the inevitable from rolling in the mud to climbing a tree.  He eventually agrees to a bath, but afterwards he continues to hide and to play.  Once a bedtime story is agreed upon—he wants to sleep everywhere expect his own bed!  (Anyone have a child like Fred?) Eventally, he calms down and goes to sleep.  Sweet dreams, Fred!

I am a huge fan of stories about bedtime. There is just something comforting and soothing about this time of day.  Now that my kids are grown, I miss reading bedtime stories and tucking them in.  (sad face)

This story follows the typical ritual of bath, story, bed—which will be familiar to young readers.  What I loved about this book is how the author uses a dog to illustrate what many kids do at bedtime—avoid it at all costs, no matter how tired they are.  I see this book being an amusing story to help reign in playful children who like Fred, just do not want to settle down at night.  They can live vicariously (let’s hope) through Fred while being in the position of the authority telling him, “Time for bed, Fred!” Even children who go to bed easily will delight in this mischievous dog’s bedtime antics. 

The watercolor illustrations are full of motion and animation.  Children will delight in each of Fred’s “tricks” to get out of bed.  I high recommend this book for ages 1-6.  You will likely find that Time for Bed, Fred will become a new bedtime favorite in your home. 

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