Friday, March 8, 2013

Poetry Friday: Blue Lipstick (by John Grandits)

Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems (by John Grandits):  
John Grandit has expanded my understanding and appreciation of the concrete poem.   Previously, I saw this medium has child’s play and simplistic.  When I first picked up Blue Lipstick, I was initially turned off.  Everything seemed so busy.  

Then, I sat down and really examined the poems.  The first one was “Bad Hair Day.”  The words come out of a head, appearing as a crazy mess.  The narrative poem captures well the adolescent female’s voice, with hyperbole and humor.  Next, I was drawn to “Girls, We Have the Solution!”  This witty poem is set up as an advertisement.  It effectively depicts common insecurities of young girls, insightfully and humorously.  Also, “Pep Rally” is memorable. There is a traditional free verse poem at the top accompanying a concrete poem describing cheerleaders through the speaker’s perspective.   

All the poems are written through the perspective of a young high school girl.   She grows and changes through the poems.  For instance,  in “The Wall”  she sees most the people in her life as on “The Other Side.”  In other words, they are against her.  However, in “The Wall (Revisited)” positioned toward the end of the book, she becomes more reflective and acknowledges more people as on her side. 

Blue Lipstick is a memorable and engaging book of poems.  I recommend it for ages 13 and up.    

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  1. I haven't read "Blue Lipstick" in years, but I remember the voice in the poems as being so powerful and true. I need to check it out again. Thanks for reminding me of it again today. =)

  2. Hadn't heard of this book before. Thanks for the review. I'll have to look for Blue Lipstick soon.

  3. I like how you shared some of your initial inhibitions about the book and how this has been turned around for you. Will look for this as well.

  4. Good advice to take time and a second look before you made your final decision about this book.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thought process! Has this book changed your idea about concrete poems in general? I hadn't heard of it, so I look forward to getting my lips on it!

  6. I do love this book of poetry; one of the poems by this author is about the ups and downs of the moods of teenage girls and suited my daughter perfectly!


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