Sunday, February 24, 2013

Potty Animals (by Joy Hope Vestergaard)

(from the book flap)
Know any kids who are afraid to flush?  Or maybe a few with really bad aim?  Wish you could help them remember not to drink too much water before—uh oh!—nap time? Have no fear, the potty animals from Sycamore Preschool are here to help little ones everywhere be in the know when it’s time to go!

Potty Animals is broken down into 11 bad habits and silly fears that young children often have, such as forgetting to close the door, to wash hands, and to wipe well.  The text is written in an amusing poetic verse that resonates both truth and laughter:

Agnes has a problem
with bubbles in her belly.
When they come out (and they come),
the room can get quite smelly.

Agnes just can’t help it,
she has to let them out.
But after several episodes,
it makes her classmates shout:

Excuse yourself, Agnes!

This book made me laugh out loud as it prompted me to think about some of the “animals” in my life who need some reminders.J   Preschoolers will love the adorable animals and whimsical illustrations by Valerie Petrone.  The experiences of the characters reflect ones that children will relate too—going on field trips, playing outside, and interacting in a classroom.  Short phrases are used for each “potty” situation that can be used at home or school:  Plan ahead!  Knock first!  Flush & zip!  and Always turn out the light!

I recommend this for parents and teachers working this preschool or early grade school aged children.  Potty Animals is sure to make adults and children giggle while teaching some important hygiene and social lessons.  

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