Friday, March 30, 2012

Poetry Friday: If Peas Could Taste Like Candy (by Crystal Bowman)

I discovered If Peas Could Taste Like Candy and Other Funny Poems for Kids (by Crystal Bowman) on a 50 Best Poetry Books for Kids list. This anthology reminds me of Shel Silverstein’s work--both the illustrations and the types of poems. Centered on a white background, they are often accompanied by pencil drawings by Lynn Jeffery. Many of the illustrations reflect the lines of poetry while others expand the meaning to reveal ironies and/or humor in the situations. 

A broad range of subjects are covered about friends, school, family, and God.  Each is a slice of every day life through the eyes of a child.  A few are didactic in nature, generally using irony and humor, such as “The Happy Hippopotamus” (making friends) and “Cool Kids” (dealing with mean peers).  Some are especially conducive to teaching literary concepts, like “Stomachache” (irony) and “Elevator Ride” (hyperbole).

Bowman has written an entertaining, heartening collection of poems. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I often laughed out loud while reading the book, causing people around me to stare with puzzled expressions.  If Peas Could Taste Like Candy and Other Funny Poems for Kids is a first-rate selection for any home or school library.  Here is one of my favorites: 

“I’m Not Afraid”
I’m not afraid of spiders,
I’m not afraid of frogs.
I’m not afraid of buzzing bees,
Or even barking dogs.

I’m not afraid of monsters,
I’m not afraid of sharks.
I’m not afraid to be alone,
Not even when it’s dark.

I’m not afraid of thunderstorms,
Or very scary books.
I’m not afraid of boogeymen,
Or mean old Captain Hook.

I’m brave and I’m courageous,
I’ve got confidence inside.
Oh, no! Here comes a girl—
I think I’ll run and hide!

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