Monday, August 8, 2011

NonFiction Monday: Built for Cold, Arctic Animals

Built for Cold: Arctic Animals is another amazing series by one of my favorite non-fiction publishers:  Bearport.  There are six books in this collection: 

·         Arctic Wolf: The High Arctic
·         Caribou:  And Reindeer Too
·         Polar Bear:  Shrinking Ice
·         Sled Dog:  Powerful Miracle 
·         Walrus:  Tusk Tusk  
·         Wolverine: Super Strong   

While reading about both exotic and familiar animals, student will also learn about the frigid Arctic temperatures and habitat.  The sizeable, lively photographs are appealing while the text is enticing.  The authors balance personal stories and experiences with general interesting facts.  The independent reading level is third grade, but children of all ages will enjoy these remarkable book.  I read two books in the series:

Sled Dogs: Powerful Miracles (by Stephen Person) 
I was already familiar with sled dogs, but I learned so much more in this selection!  By beginning with a anecdote about a sledding dog who went blind, I was immediately engrossed. Then, there is a shift to the history and physical attributes of these amazing creatures. The final sections are on contemporary racing preparations and experiences with several specific heroic and remarkable stories (miracles) sprinkled in. 

Wolverine: Super Strong (by Joyce Markovics) 
I learned a lot about the mysterious and fascinating wolverine.  Since they are solitary animals, they are rarely spotted in the remote, frozen places they roam non-stop.  These scavengers serve a vital role in the frozen tundra.  There are some wonderful sections on their habitat, relatives, physical characteristics, communication, mating & young, and finally, their future. 

Each book is finished off with some fast facts on the animal.  More Arctic animals are briefly highlighted to foster and to expand interest in a variety of related creatures.  Finally, a glossary, bibliography, and reading suggestions round the books out.   Visit the Bearport Publishing site and click on any of the title links for a sneak peek into the books to further illuminate their excellent photographs, engaging text, and impeccable layout.  This series is an excellent accompaniment to a formal unit or a causual study of animals, geography, or the Arctic. 

Celebrate Non-Fiction Monday by checking out other great selections at Apples with Many Seeds. 


  1. Thanks for these recommendations (though I'm resisting the idea of snow, cold and the Artic - too soon)and taking part in today's Nonfiction Monday event.
    Apples with Many Seeds

  2. These titles look really good. I think I'll enjoy reading them. Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. I'm a big fan of Bearport Publishing as well. I'm especially intrigued by the wolverine book. Thanks for highlighting this series.


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