Monday, June 20, 2011

NonFiction Series: Animals with Super Powers (by Natalie Lunis)

Bearport Publishing has many stunning and informative non-fiction book series.   My first experience with their books was the Spectacular Animal Town series, a perfect collaboration of pictures and text.  Bearport has introduced several new series.   One of my favorites is Animals with Super Powers by author Natalie Lunis.  Two of the four vibrant books in the series are Electric Animals and See Through Animals.   

Electric Animals 

It might be shocking to learn that some animals have “super” powers.  In the case of these unique creatures, they are able to use electricity to survive.  They don’t even need an outlet!  The electric eel, electric catfish, electric ray, and stargazer send out shockwaves to stun or to kill their prey, making them powerless to these hungry carnivores.  The sleek knifefish, the great white shark, and the platypus use electricity in various ways to find food (similar to echolocation). The elephantnose fish uses electroreceptors to find food, to navigate through the water, and to communicate.  Which one has the strongest electric charge?  Which uses electricity to find a mate?  Which creatures are still a mystery to scientists?  Which animals uses electricity to keep predators away? Read Electric Animals to find out! 

These amazing creatures camouflage, but not like most others with this natural gift.  Nine animals use “invisibility” to help them survive.  They do not completely disappear, but their  transparency makes them virtually indistinguishable to potential predators.  For instance, most butterflies are renowned for their vivid colors.  The clearwing butterfly, though, has see-through wings that make it hard to spot whether it is in the air or on a flower.  Of the eight remaining see-through animals, only two live on the land:  the glass frog and the transparent frog.  The others make their homes in the sea—transparent anemone shrimp, transparent sea butterfly, jellyfish, glass squid, transparent octopus, and transparent zebrafish.  Transparency protects and provides for these creatures in various ways.   Fascinating mysteries abound in See-Through Animals.  

It is Non-Fiction Monday.  Check out other great non-fiction titles at Geo Librarian. 

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