Friday, April 1, 2011

Picture Book: Thumb Love by Elise Primavera

Thumb LoveSummary of Thumb Love
Lulu, a  recovering thumb sucker, begins by asking four key questions.  If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may have experienced the heartbreak of Thumb Love.  She offers to help you learn how to quit being a sucker!  First, she tells her story.  Lulu and her Thumb are happy.  They do everything together—go places, read, sleep, and watch TV.  At her fourth birthday party though, some family members encourage her to stop sucking her thumb since she is too old and because it will ruin her teeth.  Lulu sees people, both real and imagined, who are laughing and jeering at her.  Even her cousin Lili, also a former thumb lover, laughs at her!  After a frightening buck toothed nightmare, Lulu decides to develop a program for quitting.   Now, she is encouraging others to stop sucking their thumbs. 

Elise Primavera’s Thumb Love is an inspirational and humorous read.  Lulu’s struggle does not have an easy solution or resolution.  She really has to work at quitting.  Sometimes she fails.   It is through perseverance, encouragement, and problem solving that she is finally successful.   Lulu’s witty personality and creative ideas make the story entertaining.  I love the infomercial beginning and the 12 step program at the end.   The Thumb is personified to create a comical dialogue and to illustrate Lulu's internal struggle to let go.   While this story is about Thumb Love, it can be used as an example of overcoming obstacles/bad habits, perseverance, and other positive character qualities. 


  1. cute a 12 step program for thumb suckers! sounds like a delightful story.

  2. I love that it could be not only a tool for thumb suckers but also a lesson in hard work as well:)

  3. LOL....I'm thinkin' I would force my now 22 yr. old daughter to sit down and let me read it to her so we can reminisce!! ;-)

  4. My granddaughter would enjoy this one.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  5. My three children were not thumbsuckers, but from the sound of this review I think they would still enjoy this book very much. The bucked-tooth nightmare sounds like it would cure just about any thumbsucker.

    Eric @ Happy Birthday Author

  6. As a former thumb-sucker who raised two thumb-suckers, I think this book and Lulu's advice have great relevance! Wonderful theme and cute cover! My mom told me that I had to quit when my first tooth fell out or my teeth would come in crooked. I quit, and my teeth are crooked! Oh well!!!


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