Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Dynamic Duos

Instead of focusing on the great dynamic duos of classic and modern literature, I chose my duos from some of my favorite picture books.  Click on each duo name for book information.  For more favorite literary dynamic duos, check out other blog lists at the Broke and the Bookish. 

1.     Bella and Stella:  This adorable pair (a girl and an elephant) get through a difficult transition together.  They show us you can never underestimate the power of an imaginary friend! 
2.    Molly Lou and her Grandmother:  With her grandmother's words of wisdom, Molly Lou gains the confidence she needs to overcome a bully and to win over her class.   Molly Lou demonstrates that being different is something to be proud of. 
3.    Pout Pout Fish and Miss Shimmer:  Miss Shimmer is the perfect friend.  She helps Pout Pout Fish realize he is a kiss kiss fish.  Together, they conquer a common fear—the dark!
4.    Shark and Train:  These two may be at odds, each trying to outdo the other.  Ultimately, they teach us a valuable lesson about friendship. 
5.    Chester and Melanie:  Their "cat and mouse play" have brought about lots of laughs and imitation in our home.   
6.    Monkey and his Tool belt:  What could be better than a monkey and his tool belt? 
7.    Gilgamesh and Enkidu:  Theirs is the first great friendship recorded in literary history.  The picture books illustrate the struggle, the joy, and the pain that finding your kindred spirit can bring. 
8.    Bear and his Forest Friends:  This group of friends support each other through scary times and grumpy ones, illustrating sacrifice, comfort, and kindness. 
9.    Bellerophon and Pegasus:  These great heroes of Greek mythology conquere the Chimera to save a kingdom. 
10.  Pirate Pete and his Parrot:  They find treasure, outwit a giant, and capture a precious jewel, all with humor and flair. 

Who are your favorite picture book dynamic duos?


  1. Pooh and Piglet and Owen and Mzee made my list!

  2. I love that you chose to do picture books. It is sad but I'm not sure I could come up with 10 picture books. It has been so long.

  3. Great choices. Love your decision to focus on picture books. Wish you'd added the titles...(small whine).

    I decided to focus this time on oppositional duos in children's books. Here's my post: http://readerbuzz.blogspot.com/2011/03/top-ten-dynamic-duos.html

  4. That's such a great idea to do a picture book list. I love the bear books.

  5. I vote for Harold and the Purple Crayon!

  6. how fun, so many good stories for children. I recently came across a gorgeous picture book by M. M. Kaye titled "The Ordinary Princess". I loved it so I guess I would pick Princess Amy and Prince Peregrine. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  7. Great choices, pls stop by and see mine.

  8. Great choice! Love Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Wish I'd thought of that.

  9. I did a similar thing with my list, only I chose characters from easy readers. You have lots of good ones on here!


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