Saturday, March 12, 2011

Picture Book: The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say Moo by Jonathan Allen

(Jonathan Allen):
Little Rabbit rests in a field on a farm.   When he says “Moo,” Calf asks him why he makes that sound.  After all, he is a rabbit, not a cow.  Little Rabbit states, “I like moo and rabbits don’t have a big noise.”  Calf wants to know if he can make other noises.  Little Rabbit answers, “I like baa.”  Calf agrees.  Together, they make the biggest “baa.”  Next, Lamb wants to know why they are saying “baa” when they are not sheep.  The same pattern is followed with Piglet, Duckling, and Donkey.  They realize that other noises are fun to make, but they each favor their natural animal sound—everyone, except Little Rabbit.  His favorite noise is “Woof.”

I found myself smiling as I read this endearing formulaic text by author Jonathan Allen.  It is a fun way to learn or to practice farm animal sounds. The ending is an entertaining surprise. The charming animal illustrations pop out on the primarily white background. Add The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say Moo to a preschool (ages 2-4) study of a farm unit or to accompany a farm visit.

Teaching Opportunities:
  • Farm Animals—Recognize and identify farm animals in the book and brainstorm other animals on the farm
  • Farms—Discuss how each animal helps on the farm or provides food for the farmer (and others)
  • Animal Sounds—Match the animal sound (onomatopoeia) to the corresponding animal
  • Predicting Skills—After reading the book one or more times, predict which animal will come next or which animal is next based on the animal sound
  • Plot Patterns—Identify the pattern and pick one or more other farm animals to write into the story
  • Sequence of Events—Provide a picture of each animal and allow students to put them in order of appearance in the story

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