Friday, February 25, 2011

Stunning Non-Fiction Picture Books about Animals by Nic Bishop

I have to rave about an amazing photographer—Nic Bishop!  His photography has been featured in over 20 dazzling non-fiction picture books, focusing on animals, insects, arachnids, and nature.  I previously highlighted his book Chameleon, Chameleon.   Nic Bishop is both author and photographer of three books on vertebrate animals—Frogs, Lizards, and Marsupials.  The illustrations alone are worth the price of the book!  Mr. Bishop captures amazing shots of animals in their natural habitats.  The text is engaging and fascinating.   Facts about each animal’s diverse habitat, diet, life cycle, and habits are captivatingly revealed.  As I read them, I was in awe of God’s staggering creativity.   I thoroughly enjoyed each of these books. 

I learned there are over 200 different marsupials, many with unique characteristics.   There are gorgeous pictures of koala bears, wombats, and kangaroos.   Lesser known marsupials are included like a numbat, Tasmanian devils, a quoll, a fat-tailed dunnart, and a bilby.   Witness frame-by-frame in a double-page pull out as a sugar glider leaps from a branch, soars through the air, and lands safely.   View kangaroos wrestling and a baby koala resting on her mother’s back as she sleeps.  Every page is a wonder! 

The habitats of lizards range from under the desert sands to high in tropical trees, making their lives intriguing and varied.  Observe a gliding gecko soar to a neighboring branch and a basilisks walk on water.  Close up shots of Africa’s Jackson chameleon (looks like a prehistoric dinosaur), a flying dragon in mid-air, a leaf-tailed gecko camouflaged, and an Australian frilled dragon puffing itself up are just some of the must-see photographs in the book.

The pictures of these colorful creatures are so dazzling it is hard to believe they are real!   One of the most stunning pictures is of a frog mid-air (water dripping down from him he leaps out of the pond) snatching a caterpillar with its tongue from a leaf hanging over the water.  The 2-page double spread depicts frame-by-frame a frog bounding from the shore, through the air, and into the water.   See through the underbelly of a glass frog hanging on a vine and witness a young tadpole being caught by a giant water bug.   My favorite pictures, though, are of the vibrant tree frogs! 

To learn more about his many other titles, click here. 

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  1. I LOVE Nic Bishop's photos, I wish I could see the world through his lens. He also did photos for some of the scientists in the field--I especially like the Kakapo rescue one.


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