Sunday, February 6, 2011

Picture Books: Best Bedtime Board Books of 2010

Board books are made for the attention spans and motor skills of babies and toddlers.  In 2010, there were some wonderful new bedtime board books.  A related post is Best Bedtime Picture Books of 2010.  Also, check out the Top 10 Board Books. 

Good Night, Little Bunny by Jane Yolen  
This touch and feel bedtime story follows a little bunny as he gets ready for bed.  Along with his mother, he looks outside to see a shiny moon, (smooth surface) signaling it is time to get ready for sleepy time.  As he puts his pajamas (soft surface) on, he lets out a great big yawn.  Next, he brushes his teeth and hair (rough surface).  With heavy eyes, his mother reads him a story about sheep (fluffy surface).  Finally, he is snug in his bed (velvety surface).  Good Night, Little Bunny models the bedtime routine as well as offers an opportunity to teach youngsters about various textures.  Simple rhyming text accompanies colorful illustrations. 

Peter Rabbit: Sleepy Time by Beatrix Potter   
You can put all of your favorite Beatrix Potter characters to bed with this lift-the-flap book.  Each page offers two opportunities to interact with the text.  First, visual and verbal cues are given to guess who is behind the flap.   As children develop verbal skills, they can predict (using words or animals sounds) and move the flap.   Second, the animal character is identified and the listener is invited to cover him up with a blanket flap.    As youngsters help put each of the animals to bed and listen to the soothing rhyming text of Peter Rabbit: Sleepy Time, they are lulled into sleepiness. The warm, muted colors and darling pictures make this one of the best new board books of the year. 

Maisy Goes to Bed by Lucy Cousins   
In this interactive flap and tab book, babies and toddlers can help Maisy get ready for bed.  After a tab is pulled to change day to night, Maisy realizes it is dark—time to get ready for night night.   Next, she gets a bedtime drink.  Children can open the refrigerator to see and to identify items.  Then, they can help her drink her juice.  Going potty as never been more fun!   The toilet paper can be pulled out and the toilet flushed with a pull of a tab.   Even washing hands is interactive—pull up the stopper and pull down the water from the faucet.   In the bathroom, peek into the medicine cabinet and move Maisy’s arm to help her brush her teeth.  Children can also help her put her pajamas on, find items in her closet, and read her a book before tucking her in.  Maisy Goes to Bed is an ideal interactive story for teaching a bedtime schedule.    

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  1. These all look great! Anything to help ease the bedtime transition is good by me!


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