Sunday, February 13, 2011

Picture Book: Bridget's Beret by Tom Litchtenheld

Story Summary of Bridget’s Beret (Tom Lichtenheld)
Bridget loves drawing and painting beautiful works of art, especially when she is sitting outdoors.  Her masterpieces fill the walls inside her home and decorate the sidewalks outside.  Like many of the great artists of the past, Bridget wears a beret.  It is her most important art supply.  One day, while sitting at the picnic table outside, her beret goes flying off her head like a kite in a strong wind.   Though she tries to catch it, the hat blows out of her reach.  She scours the neighborhood looking for it, even making out a Missing Beret Report and putting up a Missing Beret sign.  She tries out other hats, but none of them can take the place of her beloved beret.   Bridget is downhearted and uninspired.  She refuses to draw or to paint.   A few days later, her sister sets up a lemonade stand.  She begs Bridget to make her sign.  After much prodding, she agrees to make a simple one.  Once she gets started, her creativity exudes.  She makes sign, after sign, after sign—all with her unique artistic flare!   Posting them all around her street, the neighbors are drawn to what they think is a wonderful art opening with refreshments.   Bridget gets back her inspiration…and her hat finds its way back as well.

Bridget’s Beret is a sweet book. My 10 year old and I loved it!  Bridget has a passion and a gift that she readily shares with others.  Through her loss, she perseveres and overcomes her artist’s block. (The book actually makes some cute suggestions on how to do it.)  She learns how to build her confidence in her abilities rather than a lucky charm.  This book could be used to accompany an art lesson.  Many famous artists are briefly introduced at the end of the book, accompanied by ideas for inspiration using their art works. 

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