Friday, January 14, 2011

Sorry (Norbert Landa)

Story Summary for Sorry:  
Rabbit and Bear live together, work together, and play together.  They have the “wonderful feeling of being a good friend and having a good friend.”   One afternoon, they spy from their tree house a strange, shiny object on the ground.  

Both animals are fascinated by a metallic sheen because they each see their own reflections.  Admiring their ears (Rabbit his pretty, long ones and Bear his round, fluffy ones), they grab, pull, push, and tug until the shiny object is in two pieces.  

After storming off, they try to find satisfaction in their pride and vanity.  Gloominess and loneliness creeps up on them as they lay in their beds.  They each go looking for the other.  Upon finding each other, Bear and Rabbit willingly offer their halves of the object.  

When they huddled up and examine the shinny things together, they see a picture of both of them—side by side!  They happily declare “That’s just perfect!”  They realize the parts of the object (like them) are better together than separate. 

The adorable animals made me pick up Sorry (Norbert Landa).  The story is well-written and timeless.  The motifs of friendship, selfishness, and reconciliation are timeless.  The illustrations on each of page have a charming appeal.  This picture book is an ideal platform for talking about sharing and forgiveness as well as what it means to be a good friend. 

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