Monday, January 31, 2011

Picture Book: Remembering Crystal by Sebastian Loth

Remembering CrystalSummary of Remembering Crystal (Sebastian Loth): 
Zelda, a youthful goose, feels fortunate to have a best friend like Crystal, an aged turtle.  The two friends love to swim, to read, and to take trips together.  They talk about everything—fears, dreams, life.   One day Zelda goes to the garden to find her friend, but Crystal is not there.  The other animals inform her that Crystal has passed away.   Zelda doesn’t believe it, so she goes looking for Crystal.   Her fruitless search leads her to begin reminiscencing on how much Crystal taught her about music and the world.  Zelda journeys back to the garden where she feels sad and lonely.  As she revisits memories of her friendship with Crystal, Zelda realizes something special:  Crystal will always be with her, no matter where she goes, right in her heart.

I was really touched by Remembering Crystal.  The text and pictures are minimal, but it superbly captures the significant impact of friendship and the stages of grief.   I would highly recommend this book especially for a young child dealing with death and loss.  The book could be used as a springboard to discuss the child’s feelings and to illustrate how many people deal with the death of a loved one.   Remembering Crystal could help children realize that they are not alone in their experience or feelings. 

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