Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Fiction: Dinosaurs Night Before Christmas by Anne Muecke (Picture Book)

Story Summary: 
On the night before Christmas, all the dinosaur fossils are standing still as the neighborhood is fast asleep.  One small boy, about to doze off, hears an unusual noise at the museum across the street.  When he peers through his window, he sees the dinosaur fossils starting to sway!  They come back to life, colorful feathers and skin, right before his eyes!  The boy runs over to see the fantastic scene up close.  He creeps into the unlocked museum and watches the giant reptiles from the shadows, afraid they might find him to be a tasty snack. 
A T-Rex spots him and surprises him with a kiss…because he is standing under the mistletoe.  The boy joins the dinosaurs in a holiday celebration dancing around the fire and singing holiday songs until Santasarus and his dino deer—Bronto, Maia, Steggie, Packy, Tri-tops, Raptor, Rexxie, and Brack--arrive.   After the presents are given out, Santasarus takes the boy for a ride and back to his room.  The next morning only one mystery remains...why is the T-Rex fossil holding mistletoe?

Both my kids gave Dinosaur Night Before Christmas an enthusiastic thumbs up!  They told me to put it on my blog.   What more is there to say?  J
I also enjoyed this creative book.  The illustrations are brilliant and energetic.  The rhyming, poetic text is warm, humorous, and appealing.   Children will ask to join this dinosaur ball every holiday season. 

* Also included is a read along CD with dinosaur musical parodies of popular Christmas carols.   

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