Saturday, November 27, 2010

Concept Books: Bedtime Stories (Learning Numbers & Counting)

These concepts books focus on counting backwards in rhythmic, soothing prose or poetry to help calm down babies and small children to prepare them for bedtime or naptime.  Some are silly (Cha-Cha Chimps).  Others chronicle children’s sleepy time rituals (Counting Kisses) or animals preparing for bed (Turtle Splash!).  All of them are perfect bedtime companions. 

Counting Kisses by Karen Katz  
Beginning with ten kisses on the teeny tiny toes and ending one last kiss on a sleepy, dreamy head, this interactive book is a tender way to end a child’s day.  Parents, grandparents, and siblings are shown interacting with the baby.  The illustrations and text capture a picture of unconditional love and security that every young child needs to experience.  Teaching Opportunities: Counting, Number Words, Numerals, Body Parts, Family  

Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang
Numbers from ten to one are counted down as a father lovingly helps his little girl gets ready for bed.  Common bedtime rituals are illustrated numerically, such as 10 small washed toes, 9 soft friends, 8 kisses and hugs, and so forth.  Calming rhymes are utilized to sooth babies and young children as they are put to bed for the night. Teaching Opportunities:  Counting, Numerals, Bedtime Rituals, Rhyme, Family 

One Wide Sky: A Bedtime Lullaby by Deborah Wiles  
Two groups (squirrels and boys) have a day of backyard adventures side by side.  Then, it slowly comes to an end as moonlight fills the sky and sleepy heads prepare for bedtime—all under one wide sky.  This story counts to ten (day) and then back down to one (night).  Teaching Opportunities:  Counting, Numeral Words, Squirrels, Back Yard Exploration 

Ten timid turtles lounge on a log as the day comes to a close.  Each is startled by noises near the pond, such as a leaping bullfrog, a scampering squirrel, and loud ducklings, which prompts it to jump into the water until they are all at the bottom of the water resting for the night.  Teaching Opportunities:  Counting, Numerals, Number Words, Pond Life, Animals Forest, Habitats  

Cha-Cha Chimps by Julia Durango  
In this countdown, ten little chimps sneak out to cha-cha-cha at Mambo Jamba’s.   Following a rhythmic pattern, one by one, they leave the group to dance another type of jig with one of the other animals.  Their mother catches them and rounds them up for bed.  After kissing and tucking them in, she calls a babysitter, so she can cha-cha-cha at Mambo Jamba’s.  Teaching Opportunities:  Counting, Numerals, Onomatopoeia, Repetition, African Animals, Poetry, Rhyme, Alliteration 

Ten Little Sleepyheads by Elizabeth Provost
Written in rhyming quatrains, this poetic book illustrates ten little bugs falling asleep one by one.  The little bugs lie quietly, have a snack, giggle with each other, play peek-a-boo, cuddle with family, read a bed time story, take a bath, climb into bed, and finally, breath soft and slow until everyone is fast asleep.  Teaching Opportunities:  Counting, Numerals, Poetry, Rhyme, Alliteration, Insects, Bedtime Rituals 

One Bear at Bedtime by Mick Inkpen  

A little boy declares he only needs one bear at bedtime.  There are many other animals that make his bedtime mischievous and memorable.  For instance, three kangaroos jump on his bed.  Five lions mess around with the shampoo, and eight crocodiles use up all the toothpaste.  Despite all these imagined distractions, the little boy settles down with his one bear for the night. 

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