Review Policy

I love educational resources and books—picture, middle grades, tween, teen, and young adult.   My target audience is parents, educators, and children’s literature lovers.
I enthusiastically read all books I receive as review copies, but I do not guarantee a review.  On this blog, I highlight items that I feel are educationally beneficial or worthwhile leisure reading.  I reveal my honest opinion in a post, but it may not always be a 100% rave review. 
I will not review ebooks.  There is something fundamental in the experience—especially with a picture book—about sitting with a child and reading with the book in hand. 
I love to offer giveaways to my followers.   Giveaways generate a lot more interest and excitement for a book or product than just a review.  If you wish to sponsor a giveaway with a review, please provide the additional copy/product to the winner. 
To contact me about potential reviews, email